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Flat sawing is most commonly used to level out damaged pavement, lay underground utilities, or provide control joints. Our fleet includes 44D and 62 HP diesel 3-speed saws equipped with diamond blades that cut up to 24’’ deep in both concrete and asphalt. We utilize our electric saws in ventilation and noise sensitive areas.

Concrete Flat Sawing
  • Asphalt & Concrete slab cutting up to 24” deep

  • Gas/Diesel & electric saws

  • Green concrete & decorative sawing

  • Diamond blades for speed & quality

  • Our operators ensure a clean job site 

In areas where maneuverability is limited our hand saws can cut hard to reach and tight areas. Hand sawing is most commonly used for areas where access is limited such as trenches, corners, and small openings. We can utilize gas or electric hand saws depending on the project needs.


Concrete Hand Sawing
  • Gas & electric hand saws

  • Ring sawing up to 9.5” deep

  • Chainsawing up to 16" deep

  • Our operators ensure a clean job site 


Core drilling is a procedure that accurately creates holes in tough materials such as concrete, asphalt or brick. Core drilling is most commonly used for projects that require manholes, install utilities such as plumbing and electrical lines, and any other instance where a quality core is required.

Concrete Core Drilling
  • Coring up to 36” diameter

  • Electric Core Drilling 110v/220v

  • Hydraulic Core Drilling

  • Gas & Electric Handheld Core Drilling


Wall sawing requires a special set of skills and equipment to cut vertical or angled surfaces. Wall saws can cut through different types of materials such as concrete, brick, or masonry and are used for a variety of projects. Our wall saws are commonly used to cut openings for doors, windows, utilities, and any other opening at a non-horizontal angle.

Concrete Wall Sawing
  • High Cycle Wall Saw

  • Flush Cutting

  • Hydraulic Wall Sawing

  • Chamfering & Chainsaw Corners for no Overcuts


Snow Concrete Cutting utilizes a diverse fleet of equipment to for various types of demolition requirements. Circumstances that call for our services include cracks and damaged concrete and asphalt surfaces. For concrete/asphalt breaking and removal we utilize our backhoes, skid loaders, mini excavators, front-end loaders, dump trucks and haulers to complete the job.

Concrete Demolition
  • Skidsteers/Bobcats

  • Stompers & Loaders

  • Excavators/ Mini Excavator

  • Trucking- End Dumps/ Super Tens

  • Compressor Work- 90 lb. Jackhammer

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